Firebox 20th Birthday
Portable Queen Cut-out
  • Portable Queen Cut-out

Portable Queen Cut-out

Your take anywhere cardboard Monarch

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    Carrying the Portable Queen Cut-out

    Take oneself anywhere

    Is one’s Jubilee party plan lacking a little majesty? Does one yearn for a more intimate relationship with one’s Royal Highness? Would one just like an excuse to have a right royal knees-up with some of one’s mates?

    Well, thanks to our new Portable Queen Cut-out, you, along with the combined might of the British, Canadian and Kiwi Armed Forces can have your very own cardboard Commander in Chief.

    Wearing a demure, yet frisky cream gown and an assortment of timelessly regal jewellery, Queen Elizabeth II comes frozen in her classic ‘greeting the masses’ stance. In noble silence, she'll stand ready to welcome you home after a hard day, defend the realm or cast a watchful Windsor eye over you while you sleep. Not bad for a one dimensional octogenarian.

    Portable Queen Cut-out in the queue

    The best 'Q' place holder there is

    Portable Queen Cut-out at a store opening

    Queenie opens a new Lidl store

    Portable Queen Cut-out on the tube

    Travelling *ahem* first class

    Portable Queen Cut-out standing up

    Cardboard Queenie
    ready to meet and greet

    This movable monarch will bring prestige to any party, without the hassle of the adoring crowds and overdressed security guards. Made from sturdy recycled cardboard she’ll fold up to approximately one third of her usual size, making long journeys with this roving royal a breeze. Plus she’s 100% bio-degradable!

    Make your friends feel like visiting dignitaries and impress those nosy neighbours with Firebox’s favourite storable sovereign. Just order now and before you can say annus horribilis, we’ll have this life-size portable potentate on her way to your door.

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