Portable Gas Stove
  • Portable Gas Stove

Portable Gas Stove

Ready, steady, cook!

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The Black Portable Gas Stoves has been discontinued and has been replaced by a rather stunning Green version.
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    Unless you've got the brawn of a bison, the brain of a turnip and a giant rucksack, taking a regular household cooker camping is a stupid idea. That's why you need the nifty little Portable Gas Stove.

    Portable Gas Stove

    Mmm bacon...

    This handy cooker is ideal for campers, festival fans and hungry outdoorsy-types, particularly those who can't be bothered with all that twigs and flint nonsense. Because let's be honest, lighting a fire in the great outdoors is all well and good in theory, but it's a bit of a nightmare in practice - especially when you're starving and staring at a pile of raw sausages through a mound of soggy kindling.

    Portable Gas Stove

    We have ignition!

    Speaking of making a hash of starting a fire, the robust but lightweight Portable Gas Stove is virtually idiot-proof as it features one-touch auto ignition. Simply push the button and the aluminium burner head whooshes into life. It's super-safe and easier than cracking an egg. Matches? Who needs 'em!

    Portable Gas Stove

    Tough ABS carry case

    Unlike some portable cookers this steel baby also boasts adjustable heat control, so you won't burn your bangers, cremate your beans or undercook your witchity grubs (well, whatever fills a gap). There's even spill-pan protection beneath the hob. This means the stove is as easy to clean as it is to use.

    If you're wondering where the gas comes from, wonder no more. The Portable Gas Stove uses 220g butane cartridges (not included). Just bung one in the stove's integrated canister compartment and Ainsley's your uncle. No trailing pipes or whacking-great tanks required.

    This compact shebang comes complete with a tough ABS carry case for easy transportation, which is just as well because once you've put pan to hob you'll want to take the Portable Gas Stove everywhere. In fact, take this no-nonsense cooker on your travels and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Now who forgot the ketchup?

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