Portable Fishing Rod
  • Portable Fishing Rod

Portable Fishing Rod

Flick and fish

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    Fully functioning reel with 2kg strength

    We're gonna need a smaller boat!

    Drop your bobbers and whip out your tackle wherever you fancy, with the Portable Fishing Rod. Disguised as a (slightly oversized) pen, this bond-style gadget is small enough to carry in your glovebox, suitcase or jacket pocket.

    If you find yourself in a spot where the fishing looks good, extend the rod to its full forty inches with a quick flick. The five draws that make up the telescopic rod are fibreglass, so they’re incredibly tough and flexible. The set also includes a detachable reel, line, hooks, bobber, weights and lure. Everything you need to down tools and start fishing in a flash!


    Set includes the fishing rod plus (from l-r); close face reel, spoon, bobber, two worms and three hooks with weights

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