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Portable Digital TV
  • Portable Digital TV

Portable Digital TV

Freeview TV and more - anywhere!

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Before purchasing this product, please make sure you have a strong Freeview signal in your area by checking your postcode at


    Portable Digital TV

    Slim and sleek!

    Isn't TV brilliant? There are so many great shows on so many great channels it's becoming impossible to tear yourself away from the ol' gogglebox. But now you don't have to because the amazing Portable Digital TV is here to save the day.

    Forget fuzzy reception and crummy channel choice, this supermodel slim 4.3" media player features a built-in DVB-T receiver so you can watch digital Freeview TV on its quality 4.3" LCD screen wherever you may roam. Brilliant!

    Armed with this chic little gizmo you can enjoy Loose Women at work, watch X Factor under the duvet or sing-along to CBeebies on the bus. The possibilities are endless.

    Portable Digital TV

    Watch your own videos too (like our classic "Close Up Science" shown here!)

    Portable Digital TV

    Mini SD Card Slot

    On the off-chance you tire of its amazing Freeview channels, this beautifully engineered bit of kit also acts as an MP4 video player, audio player and picture viewer. Simply pop in your media (using the Mini SD Card slot or the USB port) and you can gawp at your favourite movies and holiday snaps and listen to your latest tunes. It even acts as a digital radio.
    Not 'arf!

    Portable Digital TV

    Touch sensitive controls

    Touch sensitive buttons give this chic travelling companion a classy designer edge, whilst the rechargeable battery gives up to 3.5 hours viewing time in TV mode or 7.5 hours in video mode. Listen to your MP3s and you'll get a whopping 42.5 hours of sonic pleasure. Wow!

    As well as all the relevant leads and doodahs, the Portable Digital TV comes complete with quality earphones and a soft carry case. And to think the only thing that used to come with a portable telly was backache, interference and a whopping great bill for the batteries.


    Portable Digital TV

    Portable Digital TV

    Making the unmissable...

    Lets be honest, people that don't watch TV are weird. So unless you hang out with new-age, bead-bothering technophobes, the Portable Digital TV is most definitely for you. Hurry up, ChuckleVision's on in a minute!

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