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Portable Body Scales
  • Portable Body Scales

Portable Body Scales

Measure on the move

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    Fits in a handbag

    Weigh yourself on-the-go!

    Weighing scales that are so small they could fit in a handbag? That’ll be Portable Body Scales. Measuring a scant 21cm long, these toughened glass scales can actually support a weight of up to 330lb (150kg). Just step on and they’ll switch on automatically, flashing up your weight on the central red LED display.

    But why would anyone want to carry weighing scales everywhere they go? Unless you’re a fitness instructor (or just really judgemental) we’re not sure. But they’re bound to save you much-needed space in your crowded bathroom. Just pop them in the bathroom cabinet when you don’t need them!
    scales on with illuminated numbers

    Only 21cm wide!

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