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Portable 256 Colour Uplighter
  • Portable 256 Colour Uplighter

Portable 256 Colour Uplighter

A full spectrum of feelings

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    scrolling animation/scale

    Scroll through all the colours

    Movie characters are lucky. Wherever they go, they get their own theme song or musical score to set the mood. Here in 3D land it’s not very practical to take an orchestra everywhere we go. The bus fares alone rule it out. However, it is still possible to set the mood. We just do it with colour.

    Forget the director of photography, the Portable 256 Colour Uplighter lets you cast yourself in any light you like. Cycling through a full 256 colours, this USB-charged gizmo is great for adding a little mood lighting wherever you go. The touch sensitive colour wheel lets you choose any single colour, or you can just let it cycle through them all.

    black version

    Charge the battery via USB

    When the batteries run down, just plug it into your computer’s USB port to top them back up again. While it’s there it also makes a handy desk lamp to study by. Or a somewhat hypnotic distraction, depending on your concentration span. Must… make… oxbow lake… sorry where were we?

    Oh yes. Ideal for parties, relaxing at home, or just letting people know you’re feeling blue, the Portable 256 Colour Uplighter is a simple, stylish way to add a dash of colour wherever you are.

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