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Porcelain Travel Mugs

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    Flexible silicone lid

    Flexible silicone lid

    It's not the dumdum staff. It's not the ludicrously overpriced muffins or the generic muzak. It's not even the lukewarm frappacappadoodahs. No, what keeps us coming back to those oh-so trendy coffee shops is that take-away cup with the little slurphole in the lid. Trouble is, this design icon is made of paper and plastic so you can't re-use it in your home or office. Until now, anyway.

    Crafted in double-walled porcelain with a flexible silicone lid, Porcelain Travel Mugs are a funky take on a design classic – perfect for coffee fans who want to replicate that Noo Yawk-style rushing-to-work/slurping-on-a-latte vibe without leaving home. Eco-friendly, Porcelain Travel Mugs will placate tree-huggers because it's the only coffee cup you'll ever need. And seeing as it costs little more than a couple of coffee shop cappuccinos, it will pay for itself in no time.


    1) Spill-free silicone lid keeps liquid warm or cold longer,
    2) Body made of 2 layers to keep good insulation,
    3) Silicone stopper can prevent water entering the hollow during wash

    Eco angles aside, everyone here at Firebucks loves this nifty vessel simply because there's something inexplicably satisfying about sipping from that silicone slot. Plus you won't slop its entire contents over your annual report/copy of Heat if you accidentally nudge it. You can even be a proper rebel and fill your Porcelain Travel Mug with tea (gasp!), hot chocolate (cheeky!) or - wait for it - orange squash (call the police!). The possibilities are endless.

    In fact the only thing you can't do with this ingenious container is bite the rim so that it fits over your nose and do a Barry Manilow impression, before scrunching it up and chucking it in the overflowing bin in the high street. And that's good. Isn't it?

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