• Popitball


How long ‘til kick off?

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    stick on the suckers

    Place the 12 "Popits" on the ball

    Designed to improve balance, coordination and control, this twist on classic keepy-uppy involves a regular-sized ball and twelve rubber PopIts. Each PopIt fits onto the ball, on the areas marked with a black star. The idea is to kick them off as quickly as possible by keeping the ball in the air – the longer you can keep the ball up, the more PopIts will pop off!

    Thanks to their innovative design the PopIts cannot be knocked off in any other way than with a direct kick, so they won’t tumble out every time the ball hits the floor. Time yourself against your friends, or even go for a world record! Or for a really hard game attach the single green PopIt and aim to knock that one off last.

    Sticking the poppers on step2 step3

    Attach the PopIts

    Start the skills

    Stopwatch stops only when all the PopIts are off the ball!

    the rest of the kit

    Comes with everything you need

    Like a drunken English streaker – it might be a painful reminder of our shortcomings, but it’s guaranteed to brighten up a dull kickabout. So grab yourself a Popitball and get keepy-upping. Your country needs you!

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