Popcorn Cinema Pack
  • Popcorn Cinema Pack

Popcorn Cinema Pack

Let the Back-to-the-Futurethon begin!

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    Mmmm... delicious

    Delicious! Golden Butter flavour

    Popcorn and movies go together like Tracy and Hepburn, Bogart and Bacall, Han and Chewie. So it’s about time someone made a way to enjoy the little spongy wonders at home, without having to troop down to the local multiplex.

    Yes, we know making popcorn at home is nothing new, but the Popcorn Cinema Pack is made from premium kernels – grown for their distinctive buttery taste and creamy texture, they’re as close to real cinema popcorn as you can get. Just place in a lidded pot over the hob for around three minutes and you'll see what we mean.

    Rich Ruby Red

    Mmmm... Rich Ruby Red flavour

    The Popcorn Cinema Pack will make up to ten bowls of popcorn, which is enough for any movie night, sleep-over, or 24 marathon. It even comes with a bottle of extra virgin rapeseed oil, which is the perfect oil to use when popping corn, thanks to its light nutty flavour and high smoke point. When ready simply add butter, salt, sugar or even grated Parmesan cheese! Yummy!

    Not that any of that really matters – it’s all about stuffing as many of the gorgeous foamy nuggets into your mouth as you can before the movie ends. Roll film!
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