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Hot off the cob

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    Mmmm... delicious

    Make great tasting popcorn at home

    Proof that popcorn is definitely made from corn and not some kind of super-dense space beans (we never thought that), the Pop-a-Cob lets you make popcorn straight from the cob that grew it.

    Gather everyone around the microwave and place the Pop-a-Cob inside. After just a few minutes on full power, the kernels will have popped clean off the cob, giving you a generous bowlful of naturally creamy, buttery popcorn.

    There are three different types of kernel available, each with its own unique colour, taste and texture. Golden Butter (yellow) produces a creamy, chewy popcorn that tastes as though it has already been buttered. Midnight Blue pops larger than the other varieties and has a wild and robust flavour. While finally, Rich Ruby Red has more of a refined, drier taste and airy texture. When ready simply add butter, salt, sugar or even grated Parmesan cheese! Yummy!

    step 1 - bag it up step 2 - put in microwave step 3 - et voila!

    Put the cob in the supplied bag

    Microwave for around 2 minutes

    Ping! You have hot and tasty popcorn

    Not that any of this really matters – it’s all about stuffing as many of the gorgeous foamy nuggets into your mouth as you can before the movie ends. Roll film!
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