Pop Up Pinhole Camera

Do it the card way

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  • Stop relying on your camera phone and using the same old filters
  • Make yourself a beautifully nostalgic pin-hole camera
  • From flat-packed cardboard to working camera in just half an hour
  • Super easy to build, no cutting out and only a dab of glue required
  • Compatible with both medium format and 35mm film
  • Stick two fingers up to Instagram!
Phone cameras and Instagram have mercilessly slain traditional photography as we know it and it's time to take a stand, to reject our heavily-filtered future and do things the old fashioned way. Bring back the vintage cameras of old and inject a bit of thought and life back into your photos, with the Pop Up Pinhole Camera.

This hand screen-printed kit, goes from flat-packed cardboard to working camera in just half an hour. Stickers and split pins are used to build the main body and you only need a tiny dab of glue to construct the film advance knobs. No craft knives required and no mess and the resultant camera just oozes nostalgia. There's no lens, just one powerful pin hole.

While it may feel a little unnatural at first, you simply can't beat a physical photograph and taking the time and effort to compose a beautiful shot. So ditch the trigger-happy tendencies and the same old boring filters and try things the card way.

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