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Pop-Up Diamond Candles: Black Edition
  • Pop-Up Diamond Candles: Black Edition

Pop-Up Diamond Candles: Black Edition

You know it makes scents

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  • Play the warm, waxy and fragrant lottery
  • 1 in 50 chance of finding an authentic black diamond
  • Luxurious leather scents and heady wood aromas
  • Stylish black glass candle holder and origami-like packaging


The Pop-Up Diamond Candle: Black Edition is no ordinary candle. Instead of possessing the same old sweet vanilla or berry scents, these dark and mysterious candles release an array of distinguished aromas and are your very own exciting game of chance.

It's a little bit like buying a beautifully-packaged and fragrant lottery ticket, that slowly burns to reveal whether you've won. We say it's like the lottery, but the Pop-Up's odds are distinctly more in your favour, with 1 in 50 of these classy ornaments containing a 0.25 carat black diamond – the President of the Pop-Up Paris company even inserts these precious morsels by hand.

From luxurious leather scents to earthy wood aromas and rare flower fragrances; they're a bold and intoxicating treat for the senses. And as the wax burns and the air begins to fill with a rich and powerful aura, you get to enjoy the thrilling anticipation of (maybe) finding your very own black diamond.

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2 Reviews

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  • "No diamond for me, but one delightfully fragrant candle!"
    Dylan - 5th of May, 2016
  • "Fantastic little gift for my other half, smells amazing and keeps her amused watching the wax to see if she gets a diamond!"
    Dave - 5th of February, 2015