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Pop It Pal
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Pop It Pal

Once you pop...

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Pop It Pal
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  • Stop picking your spots and start picking this!
  • Block of silicone to simulate the popping of 16 giant spots
  • Two words: Pus. Everywhere.
  • Don’t worry, it’s fake, skin-friendly “pus”, not the gross real deal
  • Comes with a refill bottle and tool


Picking your own skin is fun and satisfying, but nobody wants to deal with the scabby, painful aftermath. Even popping a simple spot doesn’t always go as planned. Damn you, fallible, vulnerable, sebum-filled, meaty body!

Good thing there are geniuses to come up with stuff like this. The Pop It Pal is a big slab of (ironically) skin-safe silicone filled with all natural “pus” to simulate the gratifying thrill of popping a humongous pimple.

Had your wicked way with the 16 pus-filled perforations? Fill ‘em up all over again for EVEN MORE greasy projectile squirting action. Every Pop It Pal comes with one refill bottle of pus and one filling tool to stuff it in there nice and deep so it erupts in that mesmerisingly realistic way.

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