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Poop In A Bag The Game

Don't clog the bog

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  • Like Uno? You'll love Poop
  • Flush boredom down the drain
  • Exceptionally easy to learn rules
  • Fast-paced, snappy game-time of fifteen minutes
  • Portable. Play wherever you are; even in an actual bogger
  • Extreme embarrassment included
The most enjoyable experience you'll have outside of the bathroom - Poop is an exhilarating card-game that accommodates up to a mighty 10 players.

The aim of the game? Don't clog the bog. With a conveniently similar structure to Uno, the jist of the game is spectacularly simple to grasp. Instructions on each playing card will see you having to do highly embarrassing things and the first person to run out of cards wins. The best part? It ships in a brown paper bag.

Sure, it's a messy job but someone has to poo it.

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