• PoolJet


Kids’ underwater scooter

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    Safe motor

    Some kids take to swimming like, well, ducks to water. Others need a little more encouragement. But regardless of their level, put them in control of a PoolJet and they’ll be ticking off widths, lengths, zigzags and underwater acrobatics in no time.

    Positively buoyant, the PoolJet makes a great floatation device for kids who are still finding their sea legs. But for those who don’t mind getting their hair wet, this battery-powered underwater scooter will propel them along at a giggle-inducing pace.


    Compliant with the strictest of British safety standards, the PoolJet is the only underwater scooter that has been designed just for kids. So the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how you’re going to catch the little nippers when it’s time to go home!

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