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Pole Aerobics Kit
  • Pole Aerobics Kit

Pole Aerobics Kit

Are you in pole position?

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    When we first heard about a fitness regime involving a pole we assumed it entailed squat thrusts on an ice cap or Lech Walesa cavorting around in a leotard. Then we realised it was the kind of pole made famous by *ahem* 'cabaret' dancers who admire Motley Crue.

    Pole Aerobics Kit fitting

    Simple to fit:
    Watch the guide here

    But stop sniggering, ladies, because prancing around a pole is actually an exciting, fun and extremely effective way to work out. Especially if you do it via the Pole Aerobics Kit. This easy to fit, fixings-free set-up comprises a sturdy extendable dance pole and spin-by-spin exercise programme designed to tone and strengthen your entire body.

    Pole Aerobics Kit DVD

    Get ready to keep up!

    Included in the kit is an instructional DVD featuring 2 pro workouts performed by the awesomely, erm, athletic Sharon Polsky. The award-winning fitness queen explains how you can lose up to 300 calories per workout, improve your cardio fitness, strength and flexibility, and sculpt your body within weeks. Is it getting hot in here, or what?

    Pole Aerobics Kit moves

    Learn these moves!

    Although the pole is completely portable and perfectly safe sans ceiling/floor attachments, you're welcome to use the optional fixings if you fancy. Making it a permanent fixture might just encourage you to work out every day.

    The Kit...

    Pole Aerobics Kit parts

    1) End stand pieces 2) Spanner 3) DVD and instructions booklet
    4) 3 Piece Professional Dance Pole 5) Kit bag

    You'll be amazed at the moves you can achieve using the Pole Aerobics Kit. Getting fit has never been so entertaining, for you as well as your partner. What's more you can carry out all those moves you've seen in...well, let's not worry about where you've seen them. Let's just say this fantastic bit of kit is your fun new passport to a better bod.

    You can even take your pole to parties and get your friends to join in. Talking of knees-ups, as an added incentive, your good friends here at Firebox are offering a free home visit assessment service* in which we'll critique your technique over a few beers. We just made that up. Phew!

    If you insist, please send all assessment requests to: Bloke who wrote this, C/O

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