Polaroid X800 Waterproof Camera
  • Polaroid X800 Waterproof Camera

Polaroid X800 Waterproof Camera

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    LCD screen on camera

    Waterproof to 3 metres

    You probably know Polaroid as the company behind those classic instant cameras – the ones that print those iconic square photos with the white border. Or maybe you know them for their more recent PoGo instant photo printers? Especially now Lady GaGa is onboard as their creative director. But when it comes to underwater cameras? Well, they have never appeared on the radar. Until now.

    With the Polaroid X800 Waterproof Camera, this freshly overhauled company is dipping its toe in the action market. And as far as we can tell, the water looks fine! Boasting an 8MP lens with 8x digital zoom, the X800 makes a great snapper for all but the most discerning underwater photographer. Take it snorkelling or to the swimming pool; into thunderstorms or waterfights; or through humid jungles or nightclubs. Waterproof to 3m, it’ll take everything you can throw at it.

    top view of camera

    It's simple design means it's easy to use in any scenario

    What’s more, with Polaroid’s advanced face tracking and blink detection software it’ll make sure that even underwater you’ll get great shots. The 2.4” LCD screen lets you instantly edit and delete your snaps and uploading them to your home computer is a doddle with the included USB cable.

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