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Polaroid X720 Waterproof Video Camera
  • Polaroid X720 Waterproof Video Camera

Polaroid X720 Waterproof Video Camera

The wetter the better

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    camera LCD screen

    LCD screen

    With Lady Gaga at the helm as creative director, the revamped and relaunched Polaroid company looks all set to take over the world. So it was only a matter of time before they set their sights on the oceans too. But they haven’t just poured their years of experience into waterproof digital cameras. The Polaroid X720 Waterproof Video Camera is their first full HD underwater camcorder, but does it sink or swim? Well... what do you think?

    Boasting a 3x digital zoom and frame rate of 30FPS, this rugged video camera is ideal for all but the saltiest underwater film-makers. A 2.0 fine grade TFT colour LCD display gives you complete control over what you’re filming and lets you playback and delete footage on the go.

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    Simple design makes it easy to use in any scenario

    But it’s more than just an undersea camera. With a maximum depth of 3m it’s great for filming in your local pool, in the middle of a downpour, from the front line of a water fight, or just in humid conditions. From nightclubs to nursing homes, it’s the tough bit of kit that won’t let you down.

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