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Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer
  • Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer

Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer

Gaga for instant pics?

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    The first in the new Haus of Gaga range of products from Polaroid the GL10

    Print wirelessly from your smartphone using bluetooth

    It’s all very well having a flashy touchscreen on which to showcase your latest photos, but you can’t slip the pics in your wallet, draw moustaches on them or stick them on your forehead, unless you print them off. So wouldn’t it be cool if you could marry the convenience of digital photography with the instant print fun of Polaroid? You can with the Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer.

    Brought to you by Polaroid in association with their esteemed Creative Director, Lady Gaga (yes, honest), this stylish little rechargeable gizmo prints the images trapped on smartphones and digital cameras on the fly, via Bluetooth, churning out quality 3”x4” images with or without a classic Polaroid border (or your own customised border via the free Android App) in under 45 seconds. It’ll even print images from your PC or Mac (via USB or Bluetooth).

    side details
    Insert the pack of Zink paper in the rear of the device

    Load the ZINK sheets in the back

    If you’re wondering where the ink goes, wonder no more because there isn’t any. The Polaroid uses next generation ZINK Zero Ink thermal technology to produce stunningly vivid pics before you can say ‘Photo lab, what photo lab?’ Just load the water-resistant, smudge proof, tear-proof paper and you’re good to go. And because prints are dry to the touch you won’t need to perform that frankly suggestive old-school Polaroid shake.

    photo collage

    Print out all your favourite memories and moments on 3" x 4" Zink paper without worrying about buying ink for your printer again!

    scale shot, handy size

    This pocket-sized printer can be taken and used anywhere

    Ideal for business trips, festivals, holidays and debauched evenings, the Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer can spew out up to 35 prints when fully charged. Think of it as a mobile photo booth, minus the wobbly stool and coin-gobbling slot. Failing that think of it as a super intuitive designer gadget that allows you to stick photos of trollied colleagues on the office fridge minutes after they’ve been snapped sitting on the photocopier sans shreddies. Stick that in yer photo album!

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