Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera
  • Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera

Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera

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     Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera

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    Remember instant photography? Course you do. It was all the rage until the digital revolution came along and widdled on its chips. Which is a shame because anything capable of instantly ejecting prints on the fly is brilliant fun. And we should know because we’ve just taken delivery of the Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera.

    Essentially an updated version of the snap-spewing contraptions of yesteryear, this funky little camera produces business card size prints within seconds of clicking the shutter. No downloading or USB-ing required. And get this: Lady Gaga has just been appointed the new Creative Director at Polaroid. Snaparazzi? Totally.

    Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera Photos

    Business card size prints

    Calling this camera idiot-proof is a major understatement. Just press the button and before you can say ‘Did you see her with that massive telephone on her head?’ a quality image is ejected on a 2.1” x 3.4” slice of reassuringly Polaroid-ish film. It even reproduces that classic white border effect.

    This being the 21st century, the good people at Polaroid have squeezed in several handy features, including auto flash, auto adjust, a 1/60 second electronic shutter and manual exposure compensation. It even plays Poker Face when it runs out of film. Okay, it doesn’t but you can hum it every time you open a new pack (sold separately).

    Red version Blue version Black version

    Red version

    Blue version

    Black version

    Guaranteed to elicit oohs and aahs every time you pull it out, the Polaroid 300 is a welcome antidote to complex cams with umpteen buttons. And because you can enjoy pics in an instant it’s ideal for parties, festivals, holidays, debauched nights out – whatever. Best of all, friends can’t destroy incriminating photos by nicking your camera and hitting delete. Smile!

     Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera

    Topside view

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