Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls
  • Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls

Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls

Straighten up and fly right

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    Never slice or hook a drive again

    If you’re prone to thwacking your ball into the bushes every time you tee off, you’re probably slicing it. Or you’re facing the wrong way. If it’s the latter, we suggest you take up tennis. But if it’s the former, we have a solution. No, it’s not practice. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls.

    Featuring an advanced, patented dimple pattern they’ve been proven by robot golfers to reduce hooks and slices by up to 75%. Honestly, just take a look at the video below.

    The arrangement of the dimples has a variety of effects on the ball’s trajectory. Some help to generate the ideal spin axis, others counteract lift and drag, while others do both. They’re a great way to boost your confidence, perfect your swing and level the playing field against lower handicapped players. Of course, you’d let them know you were using a Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Ball before teeing off. You would let them know, right?

    Pline showing ball direction

    Simply line the ball up in the direction you want it to go!

    Each box contains fours packs of three balls – handy for throwing into your bag before you leave the house. Each set of balls is numbered 1-4, to make it easy to spot whose is whose when it’s time to take your second swing. With all of them taking an arrow-straight course down the centre fairway it’ll be impossible to tell them apart otherwise.

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