Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Polar Bear Ice Tray

(N)Ice Cubes

Product not available at the moment.
  • Totally sealed – won’t absorb scents or flavours from your freezer
  • Multi-legged design creates 10 blocks at a time
  • No more spillages or broken blocks
  • Cooler than his own toenails
Lots of weird things live in your freezer. Ancient festering leftovers, human remains numerous bags of peas and now a multi-limbed, vaguely mutated polar bear.

That’s right. The Polar Bear Ice Tray is ready to take up residence in your icebox, and provide easy access to ice blocks. No more mess, no more broken bits of tray in your drink and no more frostbite.

Simply fill to the required level and let him chill out for a while. Whenever ice is required just bash him on the bench (it’s ok, he can handle it) then pour out your perfectly formed, frosty cubes.

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