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Pokitt Wallet

You’ve gotta pick a Pokitt or two

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    putting a card in the wallet
    With cash becoming increasingly obsolete and scannable cards all the rage there’s never been a better time to reach for your Pokitt. ‘Your what?’ we hear you ask as you gawp at the unnecessary clutter bulging from your old skool wallet. Allow us to explain…

    The Pokitt is a super-slim RFID-friendly receptacle that lets you pack the bare essentials (two cards, but that’s all you really need) into its soft, flexible polymer embrace. Just swipe it across Oyster card readers and similar RFID/smartcard chomping gizmos and Boris is your uncle – no need to faff about removing the cards or even open it up. And thanks to the Pokitt’s impossibly skinny form you’ll hardly know it’s there. Genius!

    Colours avalable

    Available in 4 colours (L-R): Thorium, Spearmint, Bumblebee & Fuschia

    Available in various funky colours, this 21st century receptacle is just the ticket for card-carriers who prefer to travel light. It won’t even spoil the line of your suit, which, assuming you’re as forward thinking and futuristic as we hope you are, is a silver one-piece jumpsuit.

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