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    Poker Chips

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      A love and appreciation for poker is one American cultural value we Brits would do well to adopt. It’s a strange one; poker has a cool image thanks to some classic movie scenes - as well as the whole Vegas/casino thing - and the equipment you need couldn’t be more basic, yet it isn’t an institution on this side of the Atlantic. That’s a crying shame since poker is a brilliant game; the rules are relatively simple yet no two games are alike, and bluffing plays a major part. Any game that encourages lying, and rewards good liars, has to be good. That’s the law. The two – and it has to be said, largely unconvincing – common arguments against poker are that you have to play for money to enjoy the game properly, and that the ranking of hands varies because players don’t remember them correctly. The second argument is easily countered. Print out this page and learn the list of possible hands below.

      The ‘playing for money’ barrier is half-right. You really should gamble to get the most from poker, but actual money isn’t necessary. Betting and raising, cleaning out your opponents, amassing a pile of winnings – these are all essential components of a hand of poker that a set of chips allows you to enjoy without the threat of skinting yourself hanging over your every move.

      Of course, when you do get round to playing with cold, hard currency, substituting coins and notes for chips is the right thing to do. After all, cash is so very vulgar. And with six denominations in each of these two chip sets, thereÂ’s scope for covering each coin from1p up to 50p inclusive or anything above that, with only your bank balance to stop you.

      Ranking Of Hands:

      Royal Flush
      A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit

      Straight Flush
      Five consecutive cards of the same suit

      Four of a Kind
      Four cards of the same denomination

      Full House
      Three cards of one denomination, plus two cards of another denomination

      Five non-consecutive cards of the same suit

      Five consecutive cards not of the same suit

      Three of a Kind
      Three cards of the same denomination

      Two Pair
      One pair of cards of the same denomination, plus another pair of a different denomination

      One pair of cards of the same denomination

      Highest card
      When no other ranking hand is attained, highest card held wins.

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