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    Panda Poken USB showing

    Before the likes of Facebook and MySpace exploded on to the scene, keyboard monkeys (yes, that means you) had to communicate with likeminded geeks in the real world. Hang on a second…they still do. Even if it’s just to exchange social networking info. The bummer is, jotting down email addresses, user IDs and screen names takes forever. ‘Say that again? Kissybongo227?’ So thank heavens for Poken.


    From L-R: Panda, Voodoo, Bee and New Geisha


    From L-R: New Vampire, New Dragon, New Rap Star

    Poken high five!

    High Five!

    Set to revolutionise the way social networkers…er, socialise, this keyring-friendly USB device lets you swap contact details instantly. Simply pull out your Poken and ‘high five’ it with your new best friend’s. Clever RF technology then zaps the info between the devices, so next time you log on to your favourite site, your profiles are linked. Genius!

    Poken transferring details

    High five together to zap info between Poken!

    Poken plugged into USB port

    Just pop it into any USB port!

    Each time you successfully ‘Poken’ a new friend, a green light glows on your cute little critter’s hand. And don’t worry if you’re outrageously popular because Poken can store up to 64 contacts before each upload. An orange light warns when it’s nearing its maximum capacity, so you can avoid swapping info with the spotty nerd intent on discussing Boba Fett’s helmet and concentrate on exchanging details with the drop dead gorgeous gossip who’s just uploaded a heap of holiday pics. Result!

    The Poken website

    keep track of your contacts on the Poken website

    Click on to the Poken site and you can view contacts alphabetically or chronologically. You can also group contacts with a label, write notes and much, much more.

    Don’t worry about sharing any IDs you don’t want to (there’s nothing worse than swapping Facebook details with the boss, then remembering your page is packed with pics of the cat dressed as Hitler) because your online Poken account lets you choose which of your profiles you want to share.

    A Poken contact card

    Write notes on each of your contacts on the website

    You can even create multiple identities and assign them to different modes on your Poken. Then when you’re out and about, simply cycle through ‘em by pressing your Poken’s palm. It’s like having an instantly customisable business card. We think Poken will totally transform the way social networkers interact in the real world. Collecting friends has never been easier. So hit that Buy button and prepare to be popular!

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