Pokemon Pokeball 3D Mug
  • Pokemon Pokeball 3D Mug
  • Pokemon Pokeball 3D Mug
  • Pokemon Pokeball 3D Mug
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Pokemon Pokeball 3D Mug

Coffee, I choose you!

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Pokemon Pokeball 3D Mug
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  • Keep a few of these on your belt in case you need a drink in long grass
  • Live the Pokemon Master dream once and for all
  • Gotta catch ‘em all, after all - mugs, that is
  • Holds a big cup of tea or 1 Pokemon
  • Pokemon not included, obvs


Pokemon don’t HAVE to be stored in Poke Balls. So what’s a trainer to do with all of those wayward empty capsules? Drink coffee out of ‘em, obviously.

Brew up your favourite hot drink (or lemonade, to restore 80 HP) and stick it in this lovely nostalgic mug. It’ll make you feel like you’ve just beaten Lance for the first time all over again.

Word of advice: don’t go lobbing this at any legendary Pokemon you bump into on your travels - not because it’s a mug, but because Poke Balls only have a catch rate of 1x. You’re better than that.

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