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Pogoplug Pro

Wirelessly access and share – from anywhere!

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    Using iPad App

    Connect to your external hard drive via Pogoplug iPad App

    The trouble with all the content on your hard drive is that it’s on…erm, your hard drive. So imagine how cool it would be if you could access all those lovely documents, photos and movies from anywhere in the world. Imagine no more because the idiot-proof Pogoplug Pro is here.

    This highly acclaimed gizmo connects any USB hard drive to the internet, giving you (and anyone else you choose) full web access to its contents from wherever you may roam. Once connected you can peruse and download your files from any computer in the world. Just log on and get gawping. Easy!

    iPhone App

    There's an iPhone application so you can always "phone home" to get your files!

    If you’re really posh you can use your iPhone to ‘phone home’ for files. You can also stream vids and music directly to your iPhone rather than clogging up its storage. Pogoplug Pro will even stream files to your PS3 or Xbox 360. Huzzah!

    Connection diagram

    Connect an external hardrive and then connect wirelessly
    to your router

    But wait, there’s more: Pogoplug Pro lets you share selected files with friends and family without having to upload to Facebook or Flickr. Simply send ‘em a link for instant access. You can share albums, show off your latest pics (no, not those ones) and even give Auntie Flo access to recently recorded vids (definitely not those ones). It’s like having your own personal cloud without the obligatory server issues.

    Upgraded from the original Pogoplug, it dismisses the Penelope Pitstop pink styling in preference of Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk black. Not only have the aesthetics got serious, it’s also been tweaked under the bonnet with wireless connectivity. Simply plug into the mains in any room and wirelessly it connects to your wifi router making life simpler and let’s face it less cables for the cat/dog/hamster to gnaw at.

    1. Plug your Pogoplug Pro into a wall socket or power strip
    2. Connect wirelessly your Pogoplug to your router
    3. Connect any external hard drive or memory stick to the USB port in your Pogoplug Pro
    4. From your computer, go to my.pogoplug.com and type in your unique Pogoplug registration code
    5. That's it! Your drive is now online and ready to use


    Screenshot of the software

    If you’re still not convinced by the power of Pogoplug Pro, feel free to continue your travels armed with external hard drives. And enjoy twiddling your thumbs waiting for whopping great photo albums to upload. Shall we go on? No, best buy a Pogoplug Pro, eh?

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