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    The trouble with all that content on your smartphone is that it’s... well, on your smartphone. So imagine what would happen if you lost it. Birthday snaps: gone. Holiday videos: gone. It doesn’t bear tweeting about.

    But wouldn’t it be cool if you could save them somewhere, the moment you take them; somewhere you could access them anywhere in the world; somewhere that’s completely private; and most importantly of all, somewhere that doesn’t charge you to do it? Well we have just the solution, because the Pogoplug Mobile has arrived.

    Just like previous iterations of the Pogoplug this nifty gizmo connects any USB hard drive to the internet. Plug it into your PC or external hard drive, fire up the free app on your smartphone and you can back up all of the photos and videos on your phone to your USB device. It’s like having your own personal cloud, without the obligatory subscription fees and server issues.

    Rear view of inputs on the box

    Simply plug in your hard drive via USB and connect to your router with the ethernet cable provided

    And just as brilliant; you can stream videos and music from your hard drive to your mobile, giving you access to your vast media collection wherever you may roam. So no more clogging up your phone’s memory with stuff. Pogoplug Mobile can even stream files from your hard drive to your PS3 or Xbox 360. Huzzah!

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    But wait, there’s more. Pogoplug Mobile lets you share selected files with friends and family without having to upload to Facebook or Flickr. Simply send ‘em a link for instant access. You can share albums, show off your latest pics (no, not those ones) and even give Auntie Ethel access to recently recorded vids (definitely not those ones).

    Set up is a doddle. Forget IP addresses and complex geeky stuff. Simply connect Pogoplug to your router (via the supplied network cable), plug in your USB hard drive, memory stick or SD card and register online at my.pogoplug.com. Alakazam, your drive is now online and ready to use. It’s easy peasy. More importantly, it works. No hassle, bugs or bother.

    Pogoplug Mobile

    You can also plug an SD card straight into the Pogoplug to transfer photos to your mobile

    If you’re still not convinced by the power of Pogoplug Mobile, feel free to continue your travels armed with just your mobile phone. And enjoy panicking over all the data you might have lost after you drop it in the toilet. Shall we go on? No, best buy a Pogoplug Mobile, eh?

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