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Podsta Softgrip Smartphone Holder
  • Podsta Softgrip Smartphone Holder

Podsta Softgrip Smartphone Holder

Little rubber hugger

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    Squeezing the Podsta softgrip smartphone holder

    Also a handy stressball

    Smartphones these days are wonderfully slim, but is that always a good thing? When it comes to gaming, maybe not. Holding such a delicate device and hammering the buttons at the same can actually be really fiddly. And the last thing you need when you're on your way to the highest score is to fumble it.

    Designed to add comfortable bulk to your high tech kit is the Podsta Softgrip Smartphone Holder. Unlike most holders out there, the Podsta has been designed with gamers in mind – doubling as a handy stand and an ergonomic gaming grip at the same time.

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    The flexible rubber shape hugs your mobile from behind, holding it either vertically or horizontally. It takes a split second to fit your phone into the Podsta, and just as little time to take it back out. The lightweight material makes it easy to carry about in a bag or pocket and it’s available in a host of colours to suit your home, clothes, or mood. So it’s ideal for gaming on the go, or propping up your phone to show off your high scores! Continue? 10... 9... 8... 7...

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