Pocket Spinner Multi-Tool
  • Pocket Spinner Multi-Tool
  • Pocket Spinner Multi-Tool
  • Pocket Spinner Multi-Tool

Pocket Spinner Multi-Tool

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Pocket Spinner Multi-Tool
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Love it as much as we do?
  • The world’s most/only useful fidget spinner
  • Contains six magnetic screwdriver bits that pop out for DIY action
  • Truly luxurious weighted spinning motion
  • Forged from the finest zinc alloy and real CRV screwdriver bits
  • So fun that we typed this text with one hand


This brand new fidget spinner must be pretty good if we have the audacity to release it so long after the craze has perished. And it is.

The hype may be over but the satisfaction of a good spin remains. Except this time it’s functional, classy, and definitely not for kids.

Say hello to the Kelvin 007.

Each spoke of the spinner is a useful tool: two Standard screwdriver bits, two Phillips, and two Torx tips. They’re magnetic and full of ceramic bearings to guarantee smooth spinning and easy detachment when you’ve got an urgent fix.

Simply pop the bits out when you need a screwdrivin’. Pop ‘em back in when you’re done. They don’t fall out no matter how many times you fiddle with it. Trust us, we’ve fiddled with it a lot.

And, uh, did we mention the spinning capabilities? Beautiful. Luxurious. A truly elite turning action. The sort of thing someone might use to keep themselves entertained while erecting an emergency Billy bookcase on their superyacht while it’s moored in Monte Carlo.

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