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Pocket Smart String

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    Have you ever tried measuring the circumference of your head? How about an orange? The sink? A radiator? The distance between a picture and the floor? A TV screen in a store? If you have you’ll know that doing it with a conventional tape measure is trickier than playing the harp with your nose. So thank goodness for the forehead-slappingly clever Pocket Smart String.

    Brimming with ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ factor, this ingenious little electronic gizmo addresses many of the problems presented by traditional tape measures, allowing you to measure 3D objects and awkward items with ease.

    Measuring a bauble

    Measure awkward shapes

    Spirit level

    Spirit level

    LCD screen

    LCD screen – just like a calculator!

    How? Well for starters there’s no tape. As its name suggests the Pocket Smart String uses a sturdy length of string, so measuring odd shapes/around corners is a doddle. Simply pull out the string, lay it alongside or wrap it around whatever you want to measure and measurements are instantly stored electronically and displayed on the LCD screen. No pencil behind the ear/scrap of paper required.

    view from side

    Do the math

    Once measurements are stored you can use the Pocket Smart String to calculate square inches or feet, work out area and volume and convert between metric and imperial units in seconds.

    As if all that were not enough, this slender, take-anywhere device also features an integrated spirit level and LED light. Put this baby in your pocket and you’ll wonder what you ever saw in that clumsy metal measure with the sharp edges and violent mechanism.

    If you’re worried that the Pocket Smart String’s retractable 50” string can’t mix it with the big boys in your toolbox, worry not, because as well as being stretch proof it’s passed a 20lb strength test. Totally idiot-proof, this soon-to-be-essential gadget is ideal for builders, decorators, carpenters, fishermen, plumbers, electricians and bored geeks eager to measure craniums, chests, watermelons and more. So what are you waiting for? This thing’s made to measure!

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