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Pocket Shower

No plumbing required

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    Illustration of the Pocket Shower in use
    Being dirty is not where it’s at. That’s why showers were invented. Unfortunately, showers are whacking great contraptions that require power. And that means you can’t have a nice warm blast when you’re stuck in the middle of the wilderness. Or does it?

    Step forward the ingenious Pocket Shower. This super compact shower system has been specifically designed for those moments when you want a shower but are miles from power. And that’s because it is heated by everyone’s favourite bright orangey thing. No, not Firebox.com, the sun!

    Fits into your pocket

    Wash and go!

    Ideal for festival-goers, hikers, campers and trans-globe explorers, the fully-portable Pocket Shower is essentially a roll-up fabric bag that heats water using the sun’s rays, so you can enjoy a warm shower anytime, anyplace. No plumbing or power required. The whole shebang zips into a 3” x 6” pouch that weighs just 4.25 ounces. It’s so impressive you might have to take a shower. Hang on…

    Simple instructions...

    How to use your pocket shower

    Fill with water (10L max.)

    Fold over
    (3 times) and clip

    Loop string over
    a branch

    Anchor it to the tree trunk

    Simply fill the bag with water and leave it out to soak up some rays. Once the water is heated, hang the bag from a branch or some other overhanging thingamabob using its lightweight cord and get your kit off.

    The shower head

    Twist the shower head

    You can even slip into your bikini and re-enact that Myleene-in-the-shower moment off ‘I’m a Celeb…’ (assuming you’re a woman). And with a generous 10 litre capacity you’ll have more than enough water to wash those bugs right out of your hair. We reckon almost eight and a half minutes.

    The Pocket Shower comes with everything you need for an al fresco shower, including a built-in compact shower head with flow control (operates via an easy-to-use twist mechanism) and hanging cord. Pack a decent bar of soap and you’ll feel fresh as a daisy, wherever you may roam. Pass the loofah!

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