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Pocket Radar

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    Pocket Radar

    Watch our snowball
    speed test video!

    Saying you roared along a straight like The Stig on steroids, smashed the airspeed record with a free kick, and rocketed down the mountain at 200mph is one thing (okay, it’s three things but let’s not split hairs), proving it is another. Unless of course you’ve got the revolutionary Pocket Radar.

    This cutting-edge gizmo is the world’s only pocket-sized speed radar, and it allows you to accurately measure the speed of anything from a cricket ball to a car to within 1mph. Simply point, shoot and check out the LED display in kph or mph. Amazing! It’s ideal for curious sports fans, athletes and trainers and even wannabe speed cops.

    Pocket Radar Pocket Radar Pocket Radar

    Point and shoot!

    Remember to aim the lens directly inline with moving object

    The speed reading will flash up on the LCD screen

    Capable of measuring the speed of a ball from up to 120ft, or a car from up to half a mile, the ultra slim Pocket Radar utilises Doppler radar signal sensing coupled with state-of-the-art intelligent target acquisition and…hold on a sec, who cares? All you need to know is its ace at measuring the speed of penalties down the park and cricket balls hurtling towards the pavilion. ‘94mph? Jolly good show!’

    Pocket Radar

    Comes in a neat box with a strap

    Take this smart box of tricks to a Grand Prix or cycling meet and you’ll be reeling off speeds before old school anoraks have even fired up their traditional radar guns. Pop it in your pocket on the slopes and you can annoy boastful friends by revealing their distinctly underwhelming speeds just as they’re mouthing off about breaking the sound barrier. ‘Oh dear…only 26mph.’

    Totally idiot proof, the Pocket Radar comes complete with a hard shell case, 2xAAA batteries, wrist strap, quick start manual and one-year warranty. In fact the only thing it doesn’t come with is a ball. How fast? Prove it!

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