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Pocket Monkey 12-In-1 Multi-Tool

Monkey See monkey do

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  • A 12-In-1 Multi-Tool. This s*it is bananas
  • Efficiently cuts out all the monkey business
  • Simply ripe with functions. A whopping great 12 of them.
  • The perfect wallet accomplice: 1 mm thin and 1 oz in weight
  • Unlocks doors, beers, letters, the answers to life's biggest questions
Sure, evolution was impressive. But you know what’s even more impressive? This Pocket Monkey 12-In-1 Multi-tool.

When it comes to the survival of the fittest you need convenience on your side. Show life who’s boss with this wallet friendly 12 function device. A strong contender for the eighth wonder of the world, The Pocket Monkey is just one millimeter thin and weighs a mere ounce - logistics even Darwin couldn’t theorise, God rest his soul.

We've all seen the nature docs. We all know that monkey's can basically use tools these days. They're bloody catching us up and it's just not on. For the sake of humanity, get yourself a Pocket Monkey.

Sure, monkeys may be able to open nuts by banging stones together, but it doesn’t look very suave and we’d love to know what their open rates are. This 12-In-1 tool is welcomed proof that, for now, we still have the upper hand. Including a Phone Kickstand, Bottle Opener, Flat Screwdriver, Micro Screwdriver, Door Latch Slip, Letter Opener, Hex Wrenches, Phillips Screwdriver, Orange Peeler, Ruler, Straightedge and Banana Picker.

Proving once and for all to those crafty critters that our manual dexterity aint nothin ta mess with.

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  • "Awesome accessory for your wallet. Unobtrusive and functional. Never be stuck without a bottle opener again."
    Graeme - 1st of September, 2015