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Pocket IQ Test
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Pocket IQ Test


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    You probably know some right divs. We certainly do. Just the other day we heard a bloke saying that people 'misunderestimated' him. Sadly it was the President of the United States. Still, at least ol' Dubya can console himself with the fact that daft malaprops are no measure of intelligence.
    Pocket IQ Test
    To truly gauge a person's brain power (or lack of) you need to test their cognitive abilities. And there's no better way to do so than with the brilliant Pocket IQ Test.

    Pocket IQ Test This handy little pocket-sized kit will give an accurate rating of your IQ in under 45 minutes. Simply answer all 60 of the multiple-choice questions printed on its laminated fold-out cards, tally up your score and your IQ will be revealed. Scary, eh? Why not give it a try with these sample questions:

    Sample Questions:
    Pocket IQ Test Click here for answers

    Pocket IQ Test The questions vary in style, from odd-one-out and next in the sequence, to word puzzles, spatial reasoning and those infuriating 'Mary had five cookies, ate one, halved two...' style riddles that will have you gurning with concentration. If you don't know the answer to any of the questions you can guess, as this is taken into account when scoring.

    The Pocket IQ Test is an absolutely brilliant take-anywhere party/pub game as it invariably brings know-it-alls down a peg or ten. And you can't argue with the result. Well okay, you can, because although IQ tests were once the standard measure of human mental capacity, some experts now reckon they're unfair. But hey, that's life. Besides, this makes it all the more amusing/controversial when someone gets a durr-brained rating. Or a high one for that matter!

    Whether it's out of vanity or simple curiosity, this is one test people simply can't resist taking. But the hardest question of the lot is this: have you got the guts to take the Pocket IQ Test? Well have ya, dunce? (No, we're not revealing our score).

    Pocket IQ Test

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