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Pocket DV3 Camcorder - 25% Off

    Pocket DV3 Camcorder - 25% Off

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      When it launched for £99.95, The Independent called it one of the "ten best gadgets under £100"... And now we have limited stocks of the DV2 - for a frankly ridiculous £49.95!

      Hurry, because we won't have it at this price for long!

      All the Photos, Videos and Audio recordings on your Pocket DV2 Camcorder can be easily downloaded to your PC and then either emailed to your mates or burnt onto CDR - and playable through most DVD Players!...Movie-making has never been easier!

      Building on the features of the original top-selling Pocket DV Camcorder, the DV2 now offers:

      • A 1.4" colour LCD screen
      • Expandable Memory (through additional CompactFlash cards)
      • Audio/Video Out
      • 2 Mega-Pixel resolution (via hardware interpolation)

      ...all for under £50! (while stocks last)

      Expandable Memory

      Pocket DV2 Camcorder expansion slot

      The 16MB of onboard SDRAM gives you around 3 mins of video, but you can upgrade the memory (up to 512MB) with additional CompactFlash (CF) cards to give you much more - eg. a 64MB card gives you around 20-30 mins of video! Click here to buy CompactFlash cards separately, or save money when you buy them with the DV2 itself!

      Pocket DV2 Camcorder LCD Screen & A/V Out
      Where the l'espion and Blink capture mere snapshots of time, the Pocket DV Camcorder can record whole videos sequences of your life - ready to be saved, edited and emailed to your mates. The possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

      Now you can review your photos and videos on the 1.4" colour LCD screen, and even connect the DV2 to your TV or Video with the A/V leads supplied.

      Pocket DV2 Camcorder The Pocket DV Camcorder also comes complete with a mini-tripod to help eliminate any "morning-after shakes" from your cinematic efforts. Alternatively you can go commando and achieve that gritty, Blairwitch-esque feel by shooting handheld.

      Submit your completed three minute movies to us and the best of the bunch will get showcased in their streaming-video glory below...

      Here are some websites to visit to help you on your way to movie greatness: Technical Specification:

      Image sensor 1.3 Mega pixel CMOS sensor (16m colours)
      Internal memory Internal 16MB built-in SDRAM, expandable up to 512MB with CompactFlash (CF) cards (sold separately)
      Modes - Digital Video Recording
      - Still Photos
      - PC Webcam
      - Voice Recording
      Resolution - Digital Video: 320 x 240 pixels
      - Still Photos: 1600 x 1200 (UXGA), 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) & 640 x 480 (VGA)
      - Webcam: 640 x 480 through 160 x 120
      File Formats - Digital Video: AVI (with audio)
      - Still Photos: 24-bit JPEG
      Storage capacity
      (with 16MB onboard memory - much more storage capacity with optional CF cards)
      - Digital Video: around 3 mins @ 10 fps. (Up to 30 mins with 64MB CF card)
      - Still Photos: 80 images (VGA)
      - Audio only: over 30 mins
      A/V Out PAL & NTSC
      Exposure & White Balance Auto
      Focus Variable: 20cm ~ infinity
      Power control Auto off (30 seconds)
      Self timer 10 seconds
      Dimensions 8cm (H) x 4cm (W) x 8cm (D)
      Weight 123g

      More detail and specification