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Pocket DV Camcorder

    Pocket DV Camcorder

    Be the next Spielberg

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      Join the digital video revolution and create your own 3 minute movies with the Pocket DV Camcorder.

      The abbreviation "DV" in this case stands for "Digital Video", so everything you shoot can be easily downloaded to your PC, edited using the free software provided, then saved for posterity and distributed to all and sundry. Movie-making has never been easier!

      The 16MB of onboard SDRAM gives you:
      • 450 still photos in high resolution or 2000 in low resolution
      • 3 minutes of 320x240 video (inc sound), or
      • 30 minutes of pure sound recording!
      Most great movie-makers started out with short films, and this little beauty will have you up and running and making Oscar award-winning* pieces in minutes. (* Not guaranteed, obviously).

      With many Hollywood movies coming in at over two hours these days, the Pocket DV Camcorder is a timely reminder of the art of brevity. Imagine having to condense the best bits of Star Wars, or The Godfather, or even Carry on Camping - into just three minutes. It would be tough, but you know the resulting masterpiece would be pure gold from start to finish.

      Where the l'espion and Blink capture mere snapshots of time, the Pocket DV Camcorder can record whole videos sequences of your life - ready to be saved, edited and emailed to your mates. The possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

      The Pocket DV Camcorder also comes complete with a mini-tripod to help eliminate any "morning-after shakes" from your cinematic efforts. Alternatively you can go commando and achieve that gritty, Blairwitch-esque feel by shooting handheld.

      Sample videos shot with the Pocket DV Camcorder...
      (Please bear in mind they have been compressed to allow for streaming over the web).

      Technical Specification:

      Image sensor 300,000 pixel CMOS sensor (16m colours)
      Internal memory 16MB built-in (non-expandable) SDRAM (128 Mbits)
      Modes - Digital Video Recording
      - Still Photos
      - PC Webcam
      - Voice Recording
      Resolution - Digital Video: 320 x 240 pixels
      - Still Photos: 640 x 480 (VGA) & 320 x 240 (QVGA)
      - Webcam: 640 x 480 through 160 x 120
      File Formats - Digital Video: AVI (through software)
      - Still Photos: 24-bit JPEG
      Storage capacity - Digital Video: up to 3 mins, 20 sec (@ 10 fps)
      - Still Photos: 2000 images (QVGA), 450 images (VGA)
      - Audio only: over 30 mins
      Focus Two settings: 20cm (Closeup) and 60cm ~ infinity
      Power control Auto off (30 seconds)
      Self timer 10 seconds
      Dimensions 7.8cm (H) x 3.6cm (W) x 8cm (D)
      Weight 92g

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