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    Can comfortably seat two adults!

    Brmmm-brmmmm. Neeeeeeeeeeow. Errrrrrk! Just some of the sound effects needed for driving your imaginary car around the playground. But while it went without saying back then that the bigger your brmmmm, the better the car; two hands on the invisible wheel, a wide repertoire of engine sounds and an overactive imagination would only ever get you from A to B as fast as your knock-knees would carry you. And taking passengers could lead to shin splints.

    So, while we don’t want to put an end to this classic playground game, why not let the petrol-powered engines of these Pocket Classics do the neeeeeeeeowing for a bit; while you concentrate on more important things. Such as giggling like a lunatic.

    Indeed, whether you’re young or old, these half-scale replicas of history’s most desirable automobiles are ludicrously good fun. True, as a fully-grown adult in a tiny sports car you may feel a bit like Noddy’s pimp; but with a top speed of 46mph you’ll be able to leave any naysayers choking on your dust.

    Jaguar E-Type Mercedes 300 SL Create your own pocket classic collection!

    The most beautiful car ever made

    300 SL
    The unmistakeable 50s sports car

    The largest cockpit of the sports cars

    under the bonnet

    Small but powerful petrol engine

    Choose from 4 stunning models – Speedster, 300SL, E-Type or Jeep. Each one has been faithfully recreated with a composite GRP body shell, steel chassis, twin rear hydraulic disk brakes, and semiautomatic gearbox. What’s more, the working headlights, indicators and horn will make sure that even at waist height you’ll always get noticed. The seats are adjustable to make sure little legs can reach the pedals; and if 46mph seems a little fast for young Jensen, the speed can be limited (sorry kids).

    Sure, at this price Pocket Classics may be a stretch for your pocket money. But if they weren’t completely out of our league, well... they just wouldn’t be supercars, would they? Beep beep! Neeeeeeeeeow.

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