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Pocket Cinema
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Pocket Cinema

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    Projecting movie onto a wall

    Project upto a 50" image/movie in your room!

    The big problem with little gizmos is that their screens are titchy. In fact trying to enjoy a blockbuster on an iPod is only marginally more entertaining than trying to read the bottom line of an optician’s chart. So thank goodness for the utterly astounding Pocket Cinema.

    This forehead-slappingly small device utilises breakthrough technology to project the pictures and movies trapped inside your gadgets (iPods, digital cameras, PSPs, memory cards, mobile phones and more), on to walls, screens and naked backsides. And despite its pocket-friendly dimensions, the image it chucks out is up to 50” wide. It’s even got a built-in stereo speaker.

    Tripod and remote that come with the Pocket Cinema Pocket Cinema size Pocket Cinema Black T10 model

    Tripod and remote included

    It is tiny!

    The Black T15 model

    Pocket Cinema Sound System

    New SoundStation

    Just think, travelling with a Pocket Cinema means you can enjoy big screen action wherever you may roam without having to lug around a ludicrously clunky projector (you know, the spool-chewing contraptions that sent entire families to sleep on rainy Sundays throughout the 70s and 80s). It’s brilliant for business presentations, parties and movie nights on the move.

    Pocket Cinema

    Pocket Cinema V10 explained

    Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, the Pocket Cinema uses a high powered LED to fling images wallwards (yes, we made that word up). We’re not talking plasma quality – and like all projectors image quality diminishes with distance – but dim the lights and it’s just like being at the flicks. Plus you won’t have to put up with any popcorn munching morons. Result.

    iPod/iPhone AV Cable for the Pocket Cinema

    New iPod/iPhone AV Cable

    As well as its ability to free the pics and vids in virtually any device, the Pocket Cinema V10 can also play directly from its 1GB internal memory or built-in card reader. Simply pop in a card and Barry Norman’s your uncle. We’ll even chuck in a remote control. And why not?

    If you’re a lover of the big screen it’s time to stop squinting and get yourself a Pocket Cinema. It really is the ideal way to check out the bigger picture. Pass the chocolate raisins.

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