Pocket Bop It
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Pocket Bop It

Compete with the beat – anywhere!

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    Take it everywhere

    Unless you’ve been living in a crate in a cave on an island on another planet, you’ll know that Bop It is the hysterically addictive gizmo that orders you to manipulate its extremities in time to an increasingly frantic beat. Trouble is you can’t shove it in your pocket for portable japes. Step forward Pocket Bop It!

    Just as infuriatingly entertaining as its big bro, this keyring-friendly contraption randomly commands you to Bop It, Twist It, Pull It and even Shout It. Hesitate and it’s game over. You’ll be pulling imbecilic, Jagger-chewing-treacle-style faces before you can yell ‘Why you little *!#%!’


    Twist it...

    Pull it...

    Shout it...

    BOP IT!!!

    Yes, onlookers will think you’re screaming at your keyring whilst tormenting it with a succession of bops and twists, but who cares? When something is this unputdownable self-awareness goes straight out the window – and so will Pocket Bop It if you can’t control your frustration. Aargh!

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