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Pocket Blow Torch

    Pocket Blow Torch

    Burns at 1300°C

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      Good things, they say, come in small packages. The Pocket Blow Torch is no exception and, typical of it's Japanese origins, it has one of the best "size to impressiveness" ratios we've seen.

      At only 7.5cm long (or 2.5 inches, imperial measurement fans), this refillable torch is small enough (as the name implies) to fit in your pocket - but powerful enough for soldering, fusing plastic or rubber, melting glass, and all sorts of other blue-flame high-temperature shenanigans. (Like caramelising a creme brulée, if you're that way inclined).

      With enough gas for 20 continuous minutes of flame-filled fun, you'll be getting through a lot of soldering (or caramelising) before you need to refill - which is easy with standard Butane lighter gas.

      • Piezo-electric ignition
      • 1300°C jet-turbo flame
      • Refillable with standard Butane lighter gas
      • Flame lock on/off switch to allow continuous use, such as for welding small items, melting glass, etc.
      • Can be used continuously for 20mins per refill
      • Removable upright rubber stand
      • Looks great
      Finally, it's worth noting that this is the genuine Pocket Blow Torch - be wary of cheap and nasty imitations (unless you want it to break within the first week).

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