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The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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    Dinosaurs were so dim-witted they didn't even have the brains to duck when that humungous asteroid smashed into the Earth. That's why we were sceptical when we heard about a highly intelligent prehistoric plaything called Pleo. We needn't have worried because this unbelievably cute little Camarasaurus is one of the most amazing robotic pets we've ever seen, and we've seen 'em all.



    Happy and curious

    Playful and

    Scared and surprised

    Sad and


    Rechargable battery

    Unlike other interactive creatures, Pleo is completely autonomous and totally unique. It explores its environment without any help from a controller, moves organically, interacts with its owner and expresses emotions based on its life experiences. It's just like owning a living, breathing creature. Incredible!







    Pleo's training leaf

    Pleo starts life as a hatchling and develops his own personality, habits and moods based on the time he spends with you. You'll be smitten the second this charming little critter opens its eyes, adjusts to the light and enjoys its first stretch. Pleo's natural disposition is happy and curious but his emotions change according to the way you interact with him. He might be playful and lively after a tug-of-war, scared and surprised during his first few days or sad and forlorn if you ignore him. He'll even limp if he's hurt and yawn when his rechargeable battery is low.







    Pleo Battery and Charging Station

    As Pleo becomes more aware of his surroundings he'll grow in confidence and start to display his abilities - and what abilities! With over 100 gears, 14 motors and a mega-sophisticated sensory system, including light, sound and motion sensors, Pleo can see, hear, touch and detect objects, move with incredible fluidity and even communicate by honking in dinosaur language (well that's what it sounds like to us).

    If you've ever fancied raising a pet but can't be bothered with all that pooping and feeding business, Pleo is perfect. So forget about self-obsessed cats, drooling dogs and do-nothing goldfish. There's a new pet in town and its name is Pleo!

    Whats inside Pleo:


    a) Infrared Interrupter b) Infrared Transmitters and Receivers c) Colour Camera d) Front Speaker e) Chin Touch Sensor f) Head Touch Sensor g) Binaural Microphones h) Ground Sensors i) Front Leg Sensor j) Shoulder Touch Sensor k) Tilt and Shake Sensors l) NiMH Rechargeable Battery m) Rear Leg Sensor n) Rear Touch Sensors o) Force Feedback Sensors p) Rear Speaker

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