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Playstation Icons Light

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Playstation Icons Light
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  • Gaming and classy home decor, together at last
  • Officially licensed PlayStation logo light, no lawsuits here!
  • 3 different light settings so you’ll never get bored of it
  • Pay your respects to king of the consoles
  • A glowing beacon of superiority over XBox fanboys


Let’s face it, finding game themed home decor that doesn’t shout ‘GEEKY TEENAGE BOY’S BEDROOM’ is close to impossible. Sure, those Mario skirting board stickers you had when you were 12 are cute, but they don’t look quite so good in your loft apartment.

This lovely USB-powered PlayStation Icon light, however, is a slick grown-up tribute to your favourite ‘90’s console. Considerably sexier than that Crash Bandicoot mural you’d been planning for the ceiling.

With three different light settings to take your living space from business to casual quicker than it takes the Sony Computer Entertainment logo to finally p*ss off:

  • Standard lighting for playing it safe
  • Colour phasing mode lights up each shape in spontaneous sequence. A secret cheat code or randomised jibberish? You decide!
  • Party like it’s 1999 with music reactive mode as it illuminates to the beat
Accidentally invite someone home who turns out to loathe gaming? Just say it’s a minimalist homage to your favourite shapes that you picked up at this ethically-made light-based art exhibition. They’ll never know the difference.

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5 Reviews

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  • "Arrived amazingly quick. "
    - 29th of November, 2018
  • "Very cute lights. Lightweight, takes batteries and you can use a usb instead if you have no batteries. I love it!! "
    - 28th of November, 2018
  • "product arrived on time and well packaged, it does exactly what it says on the tin and i am very pleased with it.The room is all aglow. "
    - 22nd of November, 2018
  • "Absolutely love this light! We have set it up on our side table Infront of our sound bar so it is always on with it's flashing lights going!"
    Millissa Hicklin - 10th of August, 2018
  • "The light looks great and gives a great gaming vibe to a room"
    Shivani Dabhi - 25th of July, 2018