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Playbulb Garden Solar Lights
  • Playbulb Garden Solar Lights
  • Playbulb Garden Solar Lights
  • Playbulb Garden Solar Lights

Playbulb Garden Solar Lights

How does your garden glow?

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  • Give your garden some serious game
  • A colour changing solar light controlled by your smartphone
  • 5 glorious lighting effects to give a whirl
  • Smart sensors turn on when it's dark enough and off when light
  • Lightweight design plus no strings (wires) attached
  • Amaze your guests into forgetting all about your terrible cooking


Looking to liven up your lawn? Of course you are, who wouldn't want a lively lawn? One question remains: just how dedicated are you to achieving the liveliest lawn in the neighbourhood? Even if you're not that bov'd these Playbulb Garden Solar Lights will still blast your rocks right off.

The LED lighting system operates with solar energy and when fully charged operates for up to 20 hours. Bad weather won't rain on your lighting parade, because like all good technology these guys are water resistant. What's more, inbuilt sensors can detect nightfall, automatically turning on and off at the right times.

All the snazzy colour changing business is controlled by a free app for your smartphone, and modes include rainbow, rainbow fading, pulsing, flashing, and candle light. Buy a few of them, and they all work together like some sort of extraordinary, illuminous garden gang.

These lightweight, elegant mood lights boast over 16.8 million colours, meaning these clever lamps ooze a vast kaleidoscope of colours that'll keep you guessing.

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  • "Playbulb lights work great and get lots of props from friends asking where I got these. Easy to pair and synch with the Playbulb X app."
    Max - 30th of September, 2015