Summer Sale 2018
  • PlayTape


Will drive you up the wall

Product not available at the moment.
  • Should have been invented decades ago
  • Sticks to any flat surface, easy to remove & leaves no residue
  • Super portable so you can take it round your mate's house
  • Why not buy 100 rolls and make a mile long super-highway?


We've been asking ourselves "where the hell was PlayTape when we were children?!" Not all of us could afford lavish Scalextric raceways and we didn't all have a weird uncle who dressed up as a conductor and stayed in the attic keeping their model trains running on time.

PlayTape sticks to any flat surface and lets you lay down roads instantly. There are no scissors required, it's easy to tear and you can reposition it about three or four times before it starts to lose its "stickiness" which makes it basically mistake-proof and ideal for a promising young perfectionist.

Just think, your own toy car super highway anywhere, and we mean anywhere; up the stairs, under tables over disgruntled pets, coursing round priceless vases – fall asleep on the sofa at your peril.

You can reasonably expect to come home and find a vast network of mad roads and roundabouts sprawling all over your furniture and belongings. But fret not, because Playtape is super easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue or mess.

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