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Play Video Memo Pad

Leave a message on the fridge

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    attached to fridge

    Magnetic back for attaching to metallic surfaces

    If you only tend to bump into family or flatmates when you’re both queuing for the bathroom, it’s not easy remembering to pass on important information. After a while communications can break down, messages can be misplaced, misunderstandings can occur; and before you know it, you’re having fisticuffs on the landing over something as mundane as replacing the tin foil. Well not any more.

    Because the Play Video Memo Pad lets you record video messages up to three minutes long for your flatmates (or even your future self) to play back later. A magnetic plate on the back makes it ideal for sticking to the fridge or any metal surface, so it’s always to hand when you need it.

    colours available

    Colours available (From L-R): White, Red, Pink and Black


    Compact size for memos on the move

    Far better than a scruffy paper and pencil, use the Play Video Memo Pad to wish your early-rising other half a smashing day at work; set a reminder to pick up the kids from football; put together a verbal shopping list; or just bark ‘Hands off my profiteroles!” for anyone foolish enough to be considering it.

    With a 2.4” colour screen you can make all manner of useful gestures while recording your soundbite. Three simple buttons give you complete control over all the functions. And if there’s something on there you’d like to keep for posterity, you can even transfer it to a Mac or PC. The eye-popping rant about leaving the toilet seat up? Two words: ‘remix’ and ‘YouTube’.

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