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Plantini Desktop Botanical Garden
  • Plantini Desktop Botanical Garden

Plantini Desktop Botanical Garden

Jump the Kew

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    Everything you need in the box

    Plastic plant pots? Give ‘em the daisy root and plant your flowers in a Plantini Desktop Botanical Garden instead. Styled like a classic Victorian hothouse, this incredibly detailed cage is made from wafer thin laser-cut stainless steel. Assemble it yourself and use it as a cover for your shoots as they grow. The etched window panes allow plenty of light through and the canopy is removable for watering and general maintenance.


    Follow the instructions


    Build the metal structure


    Let your flower bloom

    Designed by architectural modelmakers Finch and Fouracre, the Plantini is a beautiful way to showcase your home-grown flowers. The complete kit even includes viola seeds to get you started. Simply follow the instructions and in no time at all you’ll have your own miniature Kew Gardens.

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