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Grow up, you vial little thing

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    If you fancy marvelling at the wonders of nature without leaving your desk, you need some Plantariums. These clever little test tube-style containers are filled with a transparent NASA-approved nutritive growing gel, so you can watch the included seeds take root and gawp at the entire germination/early plant process without getting soil in your eyes.

    Simply remove the seeds from the lid and poke them into the non-toxic gel using the included wooden stick. Replace the lid, position your miraculous mini ecosystem somewhere nice and light and Diarmuid’s your uncle.

    Empty seed into the tube Push the seeds into the gel Watch the plant germinate

    Empty the seeds into the tube

    Push them into the non-toxic gel

    Watch them grow!

    Once your plant reaches the top of its Plantarium (about 2-3 weeks) you can transfer it to a regular plant pot. How easy is that! There are five plants to choose from: Basil, Busy Lizzie, Carnation, Sunflower and Tomato. Even if you’ve never planted a seed in your entire life we guarantee you’ll be engrossed as your plant flourishes in the gel and slowly heads for the top of its Plantarium. Well it beats gazing at screensavers.

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