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Plant Me Pet
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Plant Me Pet

Sowing the seeds of... pets!?

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    Everyone loves pets. Everyone loves growing things (well, judging by the amount of gardening shows on the telly, they do). With this in mind, a Spanish designer decided to combine both interests and create a lovable little pet that can be planted and grown. Bizarre as it sounds, Plant-Me Pets have seeds for eyes, so if you decide to bury your squishy latex companion it will gradually grow into a pumpkin, melon or tomato.

    Plant Me Pet
: Ready to be planted And therein lies your moral dilemma: do you play with your alien-like friend or bury the poor little blighter. As 'Our Graham' off Blind Date might say, the choice is yours. And what a choice, because fascinating though it is, watching your Plant-Me Pet slowly transmogrify into a flipping great fruit, vegetable or distant relative of the gourd family can be rather disconcerting, especially when you see how adorable the little critters are.

    Resembling an amorphous, boot-wearing blob, each incredibly tactile, beautifully rubbery pet is strangely endearing and you may well be reluctant to bury it, despite the fact 'Plant Me!' is scrawled across the speech balloon above Plant-Me Pet's cute little cakehole. Then again, think of the pleasure you'll gain from watching your pet grow into a tomato, melon or pumpkin. And imagine the excitement of picking your fully-grown vegepet-hybrid from the soil, slicing it open, bunging it on a nice salad and gulfing it down with a splodge of salad cream. This really is a pet that forces owners to decide between emotion and function.

    Plant Me Pet
: Pumpkin and box The way we see it, you should love and take care of your Plant-Me Pet then shove it in the soil when you grow tired of those slightly sinister, seedy little eyes. Any guilt will soon be replaced by eager anticipation the moment your Plant-Me Pet sprouts from the soil like a phoenix from the flames.

    We think Plant-Me Pets make fabulously quirky gifts, so why not get yourself a whole allotment-full? That way, you can bury your seedy companion safe in the knowledge it won't be alone as its eyeballs sprout upwards and it prepares to be eaten alive by its one-time master. What delicious irony!

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