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Pizza Scissor and Serve
  • Pizza Scissor and Serve

Pizza Scissor and Serve

For even faster food

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    cutting pizza

    Simply snip the slice

    Do you suffer from pizza envy? Everyone else’s slice always looks bigger than yours? Not to worry – we’ve found a nifty solution to the problem. No, not squirreling yourself away in the bathroom with the whole thing. It’s the Pizza Scissor and Serve!

    Looking like the A-Team went to town on a pair of ordinary household scissors, this ingenious contraption will let you cut (and serve) slices of exactly the same size. Just make one snip, line it up with the edge of the non-stick serving spatula and snip again. Then lift your perfectly proportioned slice away. Easy as pie!


    The perfect sized slice every time!

    Suitable for lefties and righties alike, these handy shears make short work of dishing up your dinner and put an end to the usual he-got-more-than-I-did fisticuffs. And when you’re finished, just pop them in the dishwasher.

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